The GenghisCon 2024 Committee hereby gives notice of the Annual General Meeting, per the Genghis Conventions Incorporated Constitution 2016, Section 7 (Meetings), Clause 7.1.3.

Location: Telethon Speech & Hearing, 36 Dodd Street, Wembley WA 6014
Date and Time: January 27th 2024, at 5:00pm
Agenda items:

  1. President's Report;
  2. Treasurer's Report;
  3. Updates from the current Committee;
  4. Special Resolution: Updates to the Constitution;
  5. Election of the next Committee;
  6. General business.

Special Resolution: Updates to the Constitution
Members will be asked to consider and, if thought fit, pass the following resolution as a Special Resolution:
“That the constitution be modified as described in Annexure A to the notice convening this 2024 AGM in accordance with Genghis Conventions Incorporated Constitution 2016 Section 7 (Meetings), Clause 7.1.4, and, subject to any further modifications as agreed by a majority vote of the Members at the 2024 AGM, or as required to meet the needs of the Act if it is discovered there are omissions or inconsistencies, effective after filing with the Commissioner within 30 days of the 2024 AGM.”

  1. Annexure A - Genghis Conventions Incorporated Proposed Updated Constitution
  2. Explanatory Notes for Genghis Conventions Incorporated Proposed Constitution Updates
  3. Current Genghis Conventions Constitution

We will be limited for time at the AGM, so

  • please ensure any considerations you make are provided to the Committee before the AGM.
  • ensure you have registered for the convention in order to be a Member eligible to provide them to the Committee.

Summary of changes:

  • Layout changes;
  • Definition changes;
  • Gender neutral terminology;
  • Financial Year change to match Calendar Year;
  • Modify Constitution / By-Laws / Regulations clauses;
  • Minor refactoring of the Committee responsibilities;
  • Executive Committee now known as Office Bearers;
  • Changes to the Nominations - allow a member to hold two office bearer positions;
  • Meetings now split out in to General Meetngs, AGM, and Committee Meetings sections;
  • "Committee meetings" refactored and expanded on - Ensures the incumbent committee is responsible until the end of the handover;
  • Allow a Committee to convene an AGM at a time and place that is not at or during the GenghisCon convention. The current Constitution requires an AGM to be held at the convention. When a Committee has the outreach to members, they should not be restricted to holding an AGM only at the convention.
  • Voting and Nomination changes;
  • Membership - remove redundant clause 9.3 and rework 9.4 to include relevant telecommunication facilities;
  • Financial Matters refactored into relevant sections;
  • Mediation - where a dispute is between a Member and the Association, and the issue goes to mediation, the Member is liable for the costs of the mediation.
  • By-Laws transposed, removed politically incorrect Brute Squad.