About us

GenghisCon was born from forward thinking uni students' need for a more affordable Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming convention.

It all started in 2001, when a group of students got together to try to plan an affordable fun-filled convention – nothing in Perth filled that niche and people were getting restless about events becoming more expensive and commercial.

Since then, GenghisCon has been running a yearly sci-fi and fantasy convention in January. We host a range of activities at GenghisCon, including panels, workshops, cosplay, board gaming, RPGs, video gaming and more!

We look forward to seeing you at future GenghisCon events!

GenghisCon at a glance

Check out photos from previous GenghisCon events!

Rebel Empire running a lightsaber fighting workshop

Rebel Empire running a lightsaber fighting workshop

The start of a panel

The start of a panel

Checking out the traders

Checking out the traders

Great range of boardgames

Great range of boardgames


Get involved or come along!

Focused picture of traders


We are taking applications!

Do you have some art, products, or even just have a bunch of nerdy stuff you want to sell? Or are you looking for publicity for your event or group?
Please contact Traders.

Photo of a panel running with presenter


Want to run a panel, workshop or demonstration?

Do you have a special interest you want to share with the world?
We would love to have you at GenghisCon! Use the 2024 Panel Submission form..

Get in contact via the Genghiscon Perth email committee@genghiscon.org

Fans Funding Fans

Know someone who would enjoy the convention but they do not have the finances to purchase a ticket ?

Nominate them for a Fans Funding Fans ticket.
All nominations will be held in the strictest confidence by the Committee as will the 'Reason for Nominating' field.
Our community has been hugely supportive of this fundraising designed to pay for a number of full weekend passes for members of the community who might not otherwise be able to afford to participate.
This initiative originated in part from "Hackers Funding Hackers" (as described in Computer Science Illuminated, p270), which is actually the Open Source Hardware Bank.